SERE – 12th European Conference on Ecological Restoration

7-10 September – online

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5th international conference on Soil, Bio- and Eco-Engineering

19-25 June

Museum of natural history Bernastrasse 15, 3005 Bern, Switzerland and Online

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Mountain Forest Conference

GreenRisk4Alps – Virtual conference and Public event

28-29 June 2021

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International forum on Land Degradation, Soil Conservation and Sustainable Development

Session SS07 “Nature-based solutions for Soil and Water Conservation”

Convener: Federico Preti (UNIFI)

Co-conveners: Paola Sangalli (EFIB), Vittoria Capobianco (NGI)

See all the sessions here: 2 Sessions in LASOSU2021 210209

Important dates, registration, abstract submission: 0 The second circular-LASOSU2021 210210b

21-23 August 2021


19-30 April 2021 session NH8.4