PlaNet is a multidisciplinary network that gathers experts in the field of nature-based solutions (NBS) – solutions based on natural processes and ecosystems. Geo-hazards are known to increase due to climate change causing more intense rainfall and more frequent extreme weather events. PlaNet focuses on NBS that use vegetation for mitigating rainfall-induced geohazards currently increasing due to climate change. Vegetating slopes or stream banks are also key for ecological restoration and rewilding, as well as buffer-zones for agricultural lands.

The network is aimed at creating and promoting interactions between experts with different scientific backgrounds to share research on how vegetation can be used to mitigate rainfall-induced landslides and erosion, while at the same support local ecosystems. PlaNet pools expertise from leading research organisations within geosciences, ecology, soil and plant sciences, and provides a collaborative environment for addressing these problems using sustainable, nature-based solutions.

The objectives of PlaNet are to: 

  • Share research on how vegetation-based solutions can be used to mitigate climate changes
  • Influence policy nationally
  • Internationally preparing the grounds for a European policy to be adopted by future research programmes
  • Foster multidisciplinary and international research-exchange and facilitate participation of industry and entrepreneurs